Walla Walla Team Penning Practice Rules
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  1. Within a 90 second time, a team of three (3) must cut from the herd and pen three (3) head of cattle with the assigned (same) identity number or colored neckband. A warning will be given to the team working the cattle 30 seconds to the final time being called. In the event a warning is not given, a rerun may be given at the request of the team. If the team requests a rerun, the cattle may be settled and a rerun will immediately be given using a different number of color banded cattle.
  2. For practice purposes only, we use five (5) rotations of fifteen (15) cows and we change cattle at the Boards discretion. The number of participants and how the cows are handling the stress determine this. All cattle will be bunched on the cattle side of the starting line before the time begins. The line flagman will raise the flag to signal when the arena is ready. Contestants will be given their cattle penning number or color of neckband when the line flagman drops the flag as the nose of the first horse crosses the starting line. Riders are committed once they enter the arena, and any delay will be a disqualification.
  3. Once committed to the cattle, the team is responsible for their animals. It is the team’s responsibility, before working the cattle, to pull and call for a judge’s (board member) decision if, in their opinion, there is an injured or unusable animal in their number or color neck banded cattle. Once the cattle are worked, no excuses are accepted. If the animal leaves the arena, the team can either be disqualified for unnecessary roughness, or can be given a rerun, depending on the judge’s (board member) ¬†decision. If a rerun is given, it will be handled in the same fashion as above. (see rule #1)
  4. To call for time, one rider must stand in the gate and raise a hand for the flag. Flag will drop when the nose of the horse enters the gate and the rider calls for time. All undesignated cattle must completely on the cattle side of the starting line or there will be no time. If a team calls for time with only one or two of their cattle in the pen, the remainder of their cattle DO NOT have to be on the cattle side of the starting line. All riders must be on the pen side of the line before time is called or the team will be disqualified. (no time)
  5. In multiple go-rounds, the total number of cattle penned will determine the winner. If a tie exists, the accumulated time will determine the winning team.
  6. Contact with cattle by hands, ropes, bats, romal or any other equipment will result in disqualification. A team exhibiting any unnecessary roughness will be judged a no time. No hazing with whips, hats or ropes allowed. Romals or reins may be swung or popped on chaps.
  7. A team will be disqualified by the judge (board member) for any action they feel to be unnecessary roughness to the cattle or horses. The same will apply to unsportsman like conduct.
  8. Falling of your horse will not eliminate the entry: however, any attempt by a dismounted rider to work cattle before remounting will result in disqualification.
  9. If five (5) or more cattle are across the starting line at any one time, that team will be disqualified (no time).
  10. The numbers or colored neckbands are randomly picked. The same color or number will not be called until the remaining colors or numbers have been used.
  11. No English saddles will be allowed. No bareback riders will be allowed.
  12. Unattended horses MUST be tied or corralled.
  13. No substitution will be allowed after a team has made their first run. If one or two team members cannot complete a penning, the remaining team members(s) may elect to finish the run.